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Terms and Conditions - Salem Stock Photography
The given agreement is eligible to govern the usage of the Salem Stock Photos website. In order to gain more information about royalty-free photo content and usage rights, the License Agreement Section can be referred.
Salem Stock Photography owns this site. Eligibility to use or access this webpage is provided only if the user agrees-up to the Terms and Conditions of Usage Policies, otherwise, the webpage must not be used or accessed under any conditions.
The terms and conditions of this site can be updated anytime without prior intimation. Therefore, the users must have a regular check-up of these terms and conditions updates while using the site. In case, the users continue with their usage and access to the site, it would be considered that they agree to the updated terms and conditions.
Site Usage
Only the valid customers of Salem Stock Photography should use this webpage and its contents. Salem Stock Photography prohibits the below:
• Download, copy or re-transmit any content of the site without a written agreement with Salem Stock Photos.
• Implementing any kind of data extraction or gathering methods like robots, data mining, etc. at the site.
• Using any kind of navigational technology or framing to display or manipulate any content of the site
• Unauthorized access or attempt to access, register, subscribe and unsubscribe any party that uses the site’s content or service.
• Using the photos of the site for things other than the intended purpose that includes and might not be only limited to abuse, defame, threaten, stalk, harass, and violate legal and privacy rights.
• Using the photos for distributing, disseminating, publishing, or posting information or materials that are unlawful, obscene, defamatory, sexual, infringing, pornographic, or indecent
• Security Interference of the site or abusing any of the networks, services, and systems resources of the site
Intellectual Property
All the content and the materials of the site are owned by Salem Stock Photography along with its licensors, which are duly protected by laws related to intellectual property. Such laws are duly inclusive of laws related to trademarks, trade names, copyrights, domain names of the internet to name some.
The content can be used only for non-commercial purposes like educational or personal on the conditions that there is no modification and exploitation of the content or deletion of any notices related to intellectual property or copyright.
Any content or materials of the site are the trademarks of Salem Stock Photography. Therefore, usage of any content of the site completely or partly along with metatags or hidden texts is prohibited without prior permission of the site owner or the trademark holder.
The usage of the site elements like custom graphics, headers, footers, button icons, etc. is also prohibited without written permission. Apart from the specific trademarks of the site, any other kinds of trademarks have respective owners, whose references do not indicate sponsorship, recommendation, or endorsement by Salem Stock Photography.
Privacy and Confidentiality
Salem Stock Photography is extremely committed to upholding aspects of privacy and confidentiality of the data collected from the users that interact with the site. The data collection procedures, usage, and disclosure of personal information are detailed out in the Privacy Policy Section of the webpage.

Updates and Changes to the Site
Salem Stock Photography constantly manages the content that leads to frequent changes and updates in the site information. These updates and changes are not notified earlier to the users. In addition, the site reserves the right to update, delete or add to the content or photos that are uploaded to the site by the users.
Moreover, Salem Stock Photography does not guarantee the authenticity, compliance, and completeness of the information that is posted or updated on their site. Therefore, user discretion is suggested.
Third-Party Sites Link
Salem Stock Photography provides a link to Third-Party External sites in their webpage directed only for users’ convenience. This inclusion is not subjected to consideration of endorsing or advertising these external third-party sites. Salem Stock Photography also does not monitor these sites for any fishy activities. Therefore, it does not hold any direct or indirect responsibility or liability for any loss or damages that have been caused to the users while using these external sites.
Malware or Software Viruses from the Internet
The site might be susceptible to host any form of malware from the internet. Any damage to the systems caused by such malware to the individual users should not be imposed as part of the site’s responsibilities and liabilities. Salem Stock Photography advises the users to have proper anti-virus software installed in respective systems before using the site.
Material and Content Presentation
The photos and materials present in the site are meant to simple reviews and uses. They do not have any form of warranty or representation condition. Therefore, Salem Stock Photography does not guarantee that the content or the photos would suit the needs of every user who visits the site. In addition, it also does not confirm a faultless and uninterrupted process for using the site contents or photos.
Liability Limitations
The user is liable for any risk and damages thereby assuming all the responsibilities of the consequences of using the materials and content of the site. Salem Stock Photography or any of its associates like employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents or even partners should not be held liable for the damages caused to the users while using the content for their own use.
The users’ consent to the agreement makes them to hold, defend, and indemnify Salem Stock Photography and all its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, content contributors, partners as harmless against any losses, costs, damages, expenses, liabilities, and claims that have been incurred by Salem Stock Photography. It might be because of breaches either by the users or by others working on their behalf.
Infringement Claims - Procedures and Notices
Salem Stock Photography has utter respect for copyright and therefore asks their respective users to have the same approach. In case, if any of the content and the photos have issues with copyright infringement or breaching intellectual property rights, then a written communication must be made with the below information:
• Signatures (electronic or physical) must be provided of the authorized persons who would act on the behalf of owners whose copyright or intellectual properties have been violated
• A vivid description of the intellectual property or the copyrighted work that has been violated
• Exact Location of the material in question in the website
• Contact and address details along with the email address
• A written statement stating that the authorized person has good faith and belief that the disputed work has not been authorized by either the copyright owner or agents and law.
• A written statement created in the presence of perjury penalty, stating that all the above information provided is correct and the claim is done by either the intellectual property or copyright owner or anyone who is authorized to do such a thing on their behalf.
Either the written communication can be done on the site’s email address or a letter sent to the physical address.
Laws that are applicable
Salem Stock Photos come under the local jurisdiction and is liable to follow all the laws. The site can be accessed both domestically as well as internationally unless the area of its access has some specific rules and regulations with the display of the available content and photos on the site. In addition, the users accessing the site would be automatically governed by the local law and rules with regards to the site usage.
In case, any claims, and disputes that might arise out of any situation relating to the usage of the site, then they must be submitted to the local jurisdiction courts and should be done and acknowledged voluntarily.
Contact and Email
The details to contact us via mail correspondence or email would be available on the Contact Us page. In case, email is being used for communication, the users must bear in their minds that the Internet might not be a completely secure medium. Therefore, Salem Stock Photos must not be held responsible for any damages caused by altered, lost, or intercepted communication to or from the site.
Users must agree to the below for any information shared via the webpage or email:
• The site will not oblige to any concerns on the information
• The information would not be confidential
• The information can be used, copied distributed or disclosed for any purpose like using for ideas or concepts generation without any specific compensation
• The information provided must be genuine so that its disclosure would not violate any kind of legal rights
In case, Salem Stock Photography might fail to enforce or insist strict performance for the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, then it must not be assumed as any kind of waiver from any right or provision. In case, part or whole Terms and Conditions seem to be unenforceable then respective parties must seek courts’ decisions from the competent jurisdiction.